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Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge – Weight Loss Shakes & Slimming Shakes


The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge is the fastest growing weight loss challenge across the globe. Unlike other weight loss programmes that require you to adapt your lifestyle to fit a programme, the Body by Vi™ Challenge was adapted to fit your lifestyle.


It's quick, simple and really does get results.Do you want to lose weight and inches, with guaranteed results? The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge is an amazing UK weight loss challenge. Last year alone 1.5 million people joined the challenge globally and are feeling the benefits of being lighter and healthier thanks to the Body by Vi and the proprietary Tri-Sorb® blended weight loss shakes, designed to tackle excess weight, curb hunger and support lean muscle growth.


The slimming shakes are completely different from any other weight loss shake ever to hit the UK market. They are low sugar, diabetic and vegetarian friendly, easy and quick to make and they taste great. Vi-Shape is the perfect solution to controlling your calorie intake.


The challenge is very simple, you set yourself a 90-day weight loss goal (between 10 and 40lbs) and then consume delicious meal replacement Vi-Shape® weight loss shakes that provide a calorie controlled weight loss diet.


By replacing two of your three main meals per day with Vi-Shape® will mean you get amazing results and you have a 90-day money back results guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but weight.If you want to lose weight, get back into shape; or you want to feel amazing and improve your health along the way, then the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge is absolutely for you – whatever your reason, you won’t be disappointed with these slimming shakes.


First you need to set your weight loss goal, then select the meal replacement weight loss shakes and challenge kit that best suits your weight loss goal (i.e. Shape, Boost or Transformation Kit), then check out the various Body by Vi Daily Meal Plan and Programmes - this will give you an idea of what snacks you can eat between meals and the various different ways you can consume Vi-Shape®.


Are you ready to start your 90 day challenge and lose weight? You can order weight loss shakes and challenge kits on the Visalus website - shipping is taking approx. 3-5 working days at present. The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge is the fasted growing weight loss and obesity reduction programme the world has ever seen.


If you are in pursuit of your ideal body weight, then Vi-shape Weight Loss Shakes are just what you are looking for.


In the past, in order to lose weight, the focus has been to alter your eating habits and to undertake an exercise regime. However with the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, exercise is not a requirement.


Because the slimming shakes are delicious, quick, cheap and they provide a strict calorie controlled diet, for the vast majority of the population they are ideal for weight loss.The 90 day challenge is a meal replacement programme, replacing two meals a day with a high protein, low sugar, vitamin and mineral rich shake. Your third meal of the day is as normal, with small snacks in between and plenty of water.



Why has the challenged launched in the UK and how will the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge help?


The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge provides you with a calorie controlled diet, replace two of your main meals with Vi-Shape and weight loss is inevitable.In the past, losing weight has been extremely difficult, but not anymore! Vi-Shape is quick, cheap and very convenient, so there is no excuses for being overweight.


It is suitable for the vast majority of the population including diabetics. It’s low calorie, low sodium, low sugar, high in protein and includes 23 vitamins and minerals. It provides a balanced diet while still allowing you to enjoy a regular main meal.Losing weight in simple terms is calories in V’s calories out.


Consume too many calories and your body will convert these into subcutaneous fat and store for later use. Whereas, if you burn more calories than consumed, then this will result in fat loss. Your body requires a minimum calorie intake per day, this is in the region of 1200 calories for women, 1500 calories for men. Consume less, then this can cause serious health problems, particularly in women. A calorie controlled diet along with exercise including aerobic exercise classes and Yoga  will vastly improve your lifestyle and wellbeing.



Take the Body by Vi UK 90 Challenge today and lose weight and feel great…









The real fast diet!!! Mother-of-two signed by modelling agency

January 12, 2014

Most of us struggle to lose more than a couple of pounds over a month but a Welsh mother-of-two claims to have discovered the secret of speedy - and sustained - weight loss.

Rosie Grech, 23, from Treharris near Merthyr Tydfil, lost an impressive two stone in 90 days on the Body By Vi Challenge and says she hopes to inspire other women struggling with their weight.

Ms Grech, who is mother to Zaria, two, and Zak, eight months, says that she was spurred into dieting after finding it hard to lose her baby weight following the birth of her youngest child.

Firefighters 90 Day Challenge

November 6, 2013

A 90 day effort to make healthy lifestyle changes will do more than put local firefighters at the top of their game.

The Firefighter 90 Day Challenge has crews using supplements and workout plans to lose weight and boost lean muscle with Body By Vi.

They are doing this to be ready for new insurance requirements and to be in prime shape to protect us.

And through the Visalus "Project 10 Kids" partnership, every 10 pounds they lose becomes a 30 day supply of meals for one child struggling with obesity in our community. They have teamed up with Relate Church in Hendersonville which is taking names of children to receive the meals.

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